Who We Are


Impact Capital is a community development financial institution (CDFI) with 25+ years of experience partnering with housing authorities, neighborhood organizations, tribal entities, charter schools, financial institutions, funders, community leaders, business owners, and residents to help create sustainable and equitable communities in underserved Pacific Northwest neighborhoods. Our offices are in the Columbia Center Tower.

Who We Help

We help community development organizations that serve marginalized communities in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Alaska.

What We Do

We raise capital from banks and foundations to provide flexible loans and technical assistance that help nonprofits develop and preserve affordable housing, cultural and community centers, retail districts, schools and childcare centers, job training facilities and more.

Equity Statement

Impact Capital’s mission is to provide access to capital to low- and moderate-income communities in the Pacific Northwest, enabling communities to provide access for all community members to equal opportunities in housing, education, health care, schools, transportation, parks, healthy food, and employment. We believe that communities that are vibrant and successful reflect and honor the diversity of their citizens. At Impact Capital, we believe that achieving that goal requires building communities on a foundation of equity, inclusiveness and cooperation, and we strive to promote that foundation in everything we do.

Our History

Impact Capital began as Puget Sound LISC in 1988 with a mission to build local communities and create economic development opportunities. In 2000 we merged with two community development intermediaries to become Impact Capital. Our mission: to be the leading catalyst in building and advocating for equitable, vibrant, and sustainable communities in the Pacific Northwest. For the past 25+ years Impact Capital has partnered with hundreds of organizations, as well as local jurisdictions, to pair resources with projects that help build and preserve affordable housing and other vital community services. To date, we have worked in almost every county in Washington State, and in 2014 we began working with communities in Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.