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Impact Capital is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) providing real estate financing products and community building support to non-profit community-based organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Impact Capital has a range of flexible financial tools, beyond those available from traditional lending institutions, that help make affordable housing and community development projects possible. These products and programs provide value-added assistance all along the development continuum.

Impact Capital provides loans from the Community Development Loan Fund (CDLF) and the Community Investment Fund (CIF). Both funds provide short-term bridge loans to a range of projects, including low-income multi-family and homeownership developments, shelters, community land trusts, senior centers, day care centers, and other community facilities.

  • The Community Development Loan Fund (CDLF) assists non-profit organizations with higher-risk, very preliminary site investigation costs associated with preparing initial applications for grants and project financing. Loans made from the CDLF loan pool are called Phase I Pre-Development Loans.
  • The Community Investment Fund (CIF) enables non-profit organizations to take the next steps in project development. Impact Capital makes secured, interest-bearing bridge loans from the CIF pool, and can be used to acquire land and buildings, pay for predevelopment expenses, bridge capital campaigns, pay for construction costs and bridge tax credit equity payments. The four main types of CIF loans are: 1) Phase II Predevelopment; 2) Acquisition; 3) Construction; and 4) Lines of Credit. In addition, Impact Capital offers Commercial Tenant Improvement loans on a very limited basis. See the Loan Product Matrix PDF.

Impact Capital Green Development

Washington State is the one of the leading states in LEED certified developments, Impact Capital has taken on the same responsibility of not only helping non-profit developers and organizations to build affordable housing but pushing for higher green standards. Proudly, Impact Capital provided funding for the first LEED certified housing unit in the United States, Trauggot Terrace and since then has been helping to build many more.  Click here to read more and see pictures about Green Development projects.

Tacoma and Pierce County

Impact Capital’s work in Tacoma and Pierce County has helped to provide Senior Housing, housing for people with HIV and AIDS, and help with the overall growth of affordable housing. So far, Impact Capital has funded 53 projects in Tacoma and Pierce County, for a total of $12,272,974. This initial funding has helped leverage a total of $234,231,952. That’s more than $19 for each dollar invested by Impact Capital. Click here to read more and see pictures about projects in Tacoma and Pierce County.

Walla Walla and Lower Yakima

Impact Capital is a state-wide organization supporting projects in 94% of all counties in Washington State. In Walla
Walla, Impact Capital partnered with Walla Walla Housing Authority to build affordable senior housing. While in Yakima, Impact Capital working with the Diocese of Yakima Housing Services, helped to fund a low-income housing community. Overall, Impact Capital has provided a total of $639,621 in Southeastern Washington, leveraging a total of $ 22,527,218, that’s more than $35 for each dollar invested by Impact Capital. Click here to read more about projects in Walla Walla and Yakima.

YWCA of Pierce County

Impact Capital helped to provide funding to the YWCA of Pierce County to allow them to purchase a new site location that will allow women feeling violent and abusive situations private apartments. The original location of the YWCA of Pierce County only allowed each woman a room about 97 square feet to live with up to three children. The new location allows women, their children, and pets, to live in private apartments with kitchens, bathrooms, and multiple bedrooms. Without Impact Capital funding, YWCA of Pierce County would not have been able to make this decisive move. Click here to see pictures and learn more about the story of YCWA in Pierce County.

Impact Capital is the Northwest affilliate of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and is affiliated with the National Equity Fund, and which provide financing and support to community development organizations nation-wide. Impact Capital accesses LISC lending resources for financing needs outside of the state of Washington.

Organizations interested in funding are encouraged to contact Impact Capital early in the process to discuss timing of the loan application and funding decisions. For projects located in the Northwest but outside of Washington state, please contact Seth Benziger, at (206) 658-2605 or seth@impactcapital.org.