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This Spring newsletter finds us a little anxious about funding and policies, not only for Impact Capital but for the many nonprofit partners we work with throughout our market. We ask everyone to take a moment out of your day to support CDFI funding and the many programs that provide for the delivery of affordable housing, such as CDBG. Here’s a link with some helpful suggestions – http://ofn.org/articles/call-action-inspire-congress-support-cdfi-fund.

We are excited to announce our new Preservation Loan Product. This product is in response to our region’s aging property portfolio, from LITHC projects to HUD 515s to the many USDA mortgages maturing in our rural communities. Our goal is to bring flexible and patient capital to the perseveration arena. We would love to hear about your needs in this area and, of course, any feedback you might have on the new product. Please feel free to email me at judith@impactcapital.org.

Finally, a reminder that we’re also lending in Oregon, specifically the Portland MSA, which includes Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties. If you want to talk about lending in Oregon or anywhere else in our service territory, please contact Seth Benziger at Seth@impactcapital.org, or (206) 658-2605.